composer, conductor, arranger

Joseph Glaser

Described as “a voice to watch out for” by CBC’s Bill Richardson, Joseph Glaser’s music draws inspiration from instruments and the people who play them to create meaningful dialogue on stage. A recent graduate of the Master’s degree at McGill University in Montreal studying under Jean Lesage, his thesis explored the relationship between physical gesture and instrumental sound. Having had many years of training as a dancer, Joseph looks at composition with a choreographic eye leading to pieces that are as much about physicality as they are about sound. Joseph also holds a degree from the University of British Columbia where he studied with Jocelyn Morlock, Dorothy Chang, Keith Hamel and Stephen Chatman.

Joseph has had his works performed across the country in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. Notable performances include premieres by the Toy Piano Composers, McGill Contemporary Music Ensemble under Guillaume Burgogne, Caution Tape Sound Collective, the Gryphon Trio and the Amici Chamber Ensemble among others. Joseph is the Co-founder of ear camera, an experimental music collective based in Montreal.



Good Material Video Collaboration

With James Kendall-Ward & Andrea Hoff

TED x TerryTalk

At the University of British Columbia

Current Projects

season 1: with ear camera

body language

October 13, 2017 @ psychic city

A set of works that explore bodies, space, and togetherness.

jeux de societé

mid-March, venue TBA

A walkabout evening of community, congregation, and storytelling.

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ear camera

With FAWN Chamber Creative

Daffodil: an opera in one act

Workshop performance: June 8, 2018

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workshop performance